Reply To: Eeek! A picture of an overpass! Protect me!


You know this NARSOL wouldn’t be the same without topics to strive to help the sex offender out in his or her plight. and yes even Maestro’s comments are good to his extend. Of course I liked Obvious Answers to Obvious answers reply, which I knew everyone would agree on. Seems man has his own infinite wisdom and understanding on all this sex stuff or how the world treats others. I guess we are all animals or Gods to ourselves. So who takes the pride in that one.

Listen folks man cannot justify man and yes he will try to defend the “Who’s been sleeping in my bed” just as long as they don’t get caught, but when they do they will still justify their actions. Its the law of nature. This triggering factor with this guy’s artwork is a bunch of facebook gossip if you ask me and some are offended and some can cry rape all over again, but what about true justice.

Isn’t that what NARSOL is all about helping those with rational laws to combat or deactivate a lot of this sex offender hype going on and for change. If I stuck my middle finger up to any of you all that would be offensive but hey its artwork today or would the poster “We want you for the US Army” be pointing the finger at somebody and that somebody might be a sex offender in his own right.

Government changes laws all the time but I can tell you someone who’s law’s never change. Think about that.