Reply To: BUT … he’s on the sex offense registry


Look at how serious and strict our society is about discrimination and bulling anyone. Every one knows how damaging and how dangerous it is. Kids killing kids in schools it is understandable why you cant make fun of anyone or treat anyone differently anymore. You cannot discriminate against someone for their sexual preference. Same sex couples demand that they are looked upon as normal. They are now held up above heterosexuals like they have some magically superior lifestyle. Heterosexuality is not celebrated it is scrutinized as to weather or not it fits the mold and if you fall outside the mold you are destroyed legally. Middle aged men who are attracted to females above 15 years of age and under 50 are looked at like a freaks of nature. I say this country has gone completely insane and the Bible, Science, and nature will back me up. I am not saying it is good or right for a 40 year old male to have sex with a 15 year old. I am talking about desires and attraction these things are not chosen they are built in, and allot closer to normal then men wanting men will ever be. Its not like a man can admit these things to anyone and still have a life. Women keep going on day to day with the fantasy that men’s attraction to females starts at 18 and goes up as they get older and we let them despite the obvious fact that when we were 15 we were chasing 15 year old’s and some of us still remember in great detail our first time and it was with an under aged female. Do I look back with shame hell no do I think I did something unnatural or wrong hell no. I will tell you what I think. Its a scam to rob men of their rights and make a entire group of worker drones that have no life and no other purpose. I think this because it is what is happening. There will be a price for this there always is……