Reply To: WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts


Truthfully, what really needs to happen is something like the civil rights march or million man march on Washington. Everyone always has valid point and people do indeed bring things up in court, etc. but what we as a group need is something that would be on all news channels from CNN to FOX news and all in between (BCC, etc.) Show how these laws are nothing more than remakes of Jim Crow and what Hitler did to the Jews, minus the gas chambers. Show actual incidents where families have been harmed due to these laws. Display to the whole country the true facts concerning recidivism ( then judges will be hard pressed when stating most people will offend again). Show the majority of new crimes are by people not on the registry. Once this is done and it has national exposure on TV with interviews by experts who fight for us, including the man who started the whole High recidivism nonsense, giving solid facts, only then will this country be forced to address what it has done. As long as things are still done at the local level or even district level, people can still play ignorant, and it will be a long time before this country is forced to addressed its gross violation of the constitution.