Reply To: Passport revoked


I’m glad I found this thread. I am a registered SO and have been traveling outside the US for a few months. I recently crossed a boarder in South America, and to my surprise, I was told that my passport was “revoked”. I I had no idea why, as I had finished my mandatory supervision and left the country on vacation/search of a new “home”. After an hour of hassling, providing additional ID/contact info(and fear that I was going to be detained/deported), the kind immigration official stamped my passport and allowed me to cross the boarder. However, he did say (in rapid Spanish) that I need to go to the US consulate upon arriving. I have yet to do so…After doing some research, I’ve put the pieces together and can take a wild guess that my “passport revocation” letter arrived at my former residence while I’ve been away. My problem now is that I want to do the right thing(with little/no choice), turn in my passport, and apply for a new one with this “endorsement”, which is apparently printed inside the back cover, but I DO NOT want to return to the good old USA. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance