Reply To: “The law is not always what is right”


Registrants V terrorists.
Are not registered persons considered domestic terrorists of sorts?
Exactly the correlated interest inherent the governmental uses of databases. Exactly why the Surveillance Saints NEEDED the ruling in Alaska v. Doe. The collateral USE of a database for safety. A group to whom I am familiar, Electronic Frontier Foundation ( formed to combat and confront their idea that as Jusice Scalia put it, “I would think the United States government should use the DATABASE for whatever it pleases.”

The men in grey clearly understood the political and financial proft potential of the device, but had much to overcome given the citizenry ‘s perception of the machines and their networks. (See U.S. V. AT&T) where privacy policymaking ruled the FCCs guidelines. Furthermore, Orwell and Machiavelli were required reading in high school and even some grade schools. Why 1984 will not be like 1984 a theme in an Apple commercial.

The sex offender made the perfect scapegoat for the perceived need. The ruling flung open the doors to potential unfettered government USE of the device. Just wait and see how facial recognition plays out. Is the road to help paved with good intentions?