Reply To: 7th Circuit ruling will force registered sex offenders from homes



“The Takings Clause claim was unexhausted in the state courts and the amendment was adopted before they acquired their homes, so it did not alter their property-rights expectations.”

I have a question about the kinds of lawyers taking our cases:

(1) Do they not have enough sense to know on what grounds their challenges would most likely fail? Lawyers are supposed to know the law, but somehow there are gaping holes in their arguments that give the court all the wiggle room they need to shoot these cases down cold. I’ve read that a poorly-developed challenge can poison the well for others who may come after them because a ruling on the issue has been made.

Are the courts knowingly and maliciously moving the goal post in these cases so that those of us who challenge these punitive sex offender laws can never get a significant enough victory to stake them through the heart once and for all? Are our “honorable” judges honorable in the least?? I almost puke when I hear any judge referred to as “the honorable”.