Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry


Doesn’t Surprise Me One Bit, they poison the children’s water, Lock up their Fathers & Sons & wonder why its suck a sh*t hole of a state , They should be sued and a judge needs too Award a pretty nice settlement too make them understand the damage these politicians cause by amending these laws on pure factitious lies & studies to scare the community into allowing them to fill their privatized prison systems , they are NOT above the Law. THEY ARE THE CORRUPT ONES WE NEED TO BEWARE OF. THE #1 PREDATORS IN MICHIGAN ….THE POLITICIANS !!!!! One Million Americans on the registry in 52 states is a joke. Whats next ? 9 out of ten convictions in sex cases are based on pure unjust laws ..Not Evidence , Because sex case crimes are the only cases you can be convicted and your entire life destroyed with out evidence or proof, For that matter they do not even need a day or time. It is all based on pure bull**** 8 out of ten convictions . It is like a modern day witch hunt in Michigan.