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Obvious answers,

What you said is 100% true and factual. Americans have the “boo-hoo” mentality and other Americans coddle them.
We can thank our legal system for most of this as they are the ones who drill the “victim” mentality into our heads. The rest of the puppets of this country just follow along as instructed.
What’s truly unfortunate is the facade that any advocates feel they have to put on when speaking on behalf of our cause. There seems to be a “politically correct” way of HAVING to speak to the people and the powers that be. I call bullshit. Speak REALISTICALLY. To all the advocates out there, be it NARSOL or any other groups – STOP cowering down by always saying “we understand about the VICTIMS, but…” no! Unless you are speaking about pre-teens being literally molested, stop pandering to what they WANT to hear and tell it like it is; Most of the people ending up on the SOR are there for CONSENSUAL POST PUBESCENT sexual/romantic involvement. Our generation went through it with very little issue. We have NATURAL instincts as youths to find older people attractive (I didn’t have a poster of Farrah Fawcet on MY wall because I saw her as a “mentor”. Obviously.) And it’s also a natural instinct for older people to be attracted to youth (post pubescent teens).
These teenagers are not “victims”. If it’s a crime to be with someone simply due to the age difference, that’s fine. Make it a misdemeanor. But stop with the bullshit of a licensed to drive teenager being a “victim” of a natural act that THEY CHOSE to engage in. (Legal age to drive is 16. Legal age for sex in CT – 16, legal age in NY -17, so a 16 yr old in NY who can potentially run you over can’t seem to make a decision on having sex with you. Seriously?) major face palm 🤦🏻‍♂️

We make a natural act such as sex and romantic feelings towards another person a “heinous crime” but we make the UNNATURAL act of putting narcotics into our system at ANY age to be something we should help the addict overcome and move on from.
I don’t know of any case where a person who was a “victim” of drug addiction complaining about he abundance of pot smokers or the showing of drug use in a movie. So why the sex uproar?

I am really gonna piss people off with this one but here goes –
I sometimes wonder what my “victim” has been doing all these years. I’d love to be able to see her social media and see if she’s got a ton of pics and videos of herself and friends having a good time goofing off, vacationing in the Bahamas, partying at a bar in Miami, etc., and actually be able to show such photos and videos to the DA and Judge that sentenced me and say to them “Oh, this poor, poor victim. My goodness, how she’ll never be able to move past a consensual sexual experience.”
The DA recognized it to the court as a consensual relationship followed by how my “victim” will carry this with her for the rest of her life. Carry what, you moron? Explain.

I would be considered a victim of the 22 yr old I slept with when I was 15. Interesting how after we did our thing, we went our separate ways and I continued on being the typical teenager I was BEFORE I had sex with her. But no! In the minds of the legal system and most especially the “treatment group leaders”, I should have been crying in the corner of my bedroom for the rest of my life over a great, natural, human animalistic experience. I suppose I should wake up every day with a grumpy look on my face thinking about how an older woman touched my penis and made me feel amazing. 🤦🏻‍♂️

To anyone (and there are a few here) who want to pander to the typical b.s. about how my words show that I have “no remorse”, well, you’re right so don’t waste your time to type it. I have no “remorse” because I didn’t kill anyone. I’m too fed up with this hysteria to have any remorse. I just won’t ever be with someone under legal age again but I don’t have remorse. Her family didn’t bury her. But had I been a drunk driver that ran her over and killed her, my neighbors would never know and I wouldn’t worry about my passport being stamped or having to register in another state long after my state’s registry requirements have expired.
Remorse indeed. For what? Being human? Pffffft. Ok. Let me make a note of that. 🙄