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obvious answers

“triggered” what the crap is “triggered”? It is a catch all phrase that can signify anything and pretty much everything or absolutely nothing… What I am about to post would have many of the fake pop-psychologists trying to shelve it because well reality and truth really are not that popular in America.
The real definition of triggered is the refusal to accept life does not bow to our demands nor does the rest of the real world bow down for our whims. You refuse to move on because it feels good not to.. you get acceptance by playing victim cards..heck many often fake being victims just for the glory of acceptance..
I would say sorry for what I am about to post BUT I am not sorry so I won’t lie..
America is in a cultural cradle of unreality choked full of imbeciles unable to cope with life and really needs to wake up or it will become permanently unable to adjust as the world moves on and leaves it behind.
You are a victim and cant move on? Tuff stuff.. Sorry but I have been living in 3rd world countries and I have to tell you the “oh so sorry, worst victim” in America is still a country club picnic snacker compared to the real world. yea… I have met thousands of people who only wish they could be blessed as well as “Americas boo hoo cant move on” crowd.. Heck I wouldn’t mind some of the perkys and benefits of being a mee too..
You are living in a perpetual state of delusion where 99% you are more so a victim of your own inability than anything else..
Yea sounds pretty brutal right? Get a grip..I find it crazy that the crimes purported against the “accused” far outweigh any “real” suffering caused and the real crime is the refusal to teach any form of coping skills ..but then if we taught coping skills people may move on and if people move on their wont be the need for registries and pitchforks..