Reply To: Court decisions re sexual offense issues still based on myth, not fact


“ That is because the individual must prove that he poses “no risk” to the safety of his spouse.”

I didn’t even finish reading because this stood out too much for me. I have PROOF that I am not at risk to harm a potential foreign wife – My offense was and still is considered to have been “consensual” even though it was illegal due to her age. How do I, or someone else with a similar case, pose a “risk”? A temporary lapse of judgement with a minor teenager due to my depression after a divorce somehow makes me a threat and a risk to someone else?
If that’s the case, then we should all laugh in the faces of anyone who ever uses figures of speech such as “lesson learned”, because apparently, according to John Walsh and his ludicrous law, we never learn.
How about someone take John Walsh himself to court and make the argument that had he met his former wife in any other state who’s age of consent was 18, he’d be just as much a risk to the public as he seems to think we are.
I would argue this point when fighting the Adam Walsh Act. This has got to stop. And sometimes you’re gonna have to just go ahead and hurt some feelings (as if they care that they’re hurting us) and stop being PC with these people.