Reply To: Eeek! A picture of an overpass! Protect me!

Michael Harris

I emailed the following to University President Cummings:
I was totally shocked by the fact that you would order the removal of Mr. Habrowski’s paintings from your University.

It seems to me that rather than allowing your Students to think about real life situations and how one logically, ethically and Constitutionally deals with real life situations you are self-imposing blinders on their knowledge of the world in a much larger context.

You are saying that because this man committed an offense for which he has now paid the price exacted by society he can no longer make a living, share his creation or contribute positively to society. I wonder who you think is the most dangerous to society, someone who is a contributing member or someone for who you have cut off all possible hope of returning to normalcy.

And while the victim or the victim’s advocate may think they are better off by not seeing a painting by their offender, studies have proven that a healthy reconciliation or at least moving on will do more to help the victim heal than trying to hide the past away like it doesn’t or never existed.

ANd as I said originally while you may or may not be protecting one student from dealing with their past you are prohibiting all other students and university visits from working through a very complex and a socially relevant reality of this present age.

I urge you to rethink your decision.

Michael Harris
Indiana Voices