Reply To: Court decisions re sexual offense issues still based on myth, not fact


And these judges appointed by a man who was recorded bragging about how rich people like himself can grab women by the intimate parts with impunity. President Trump should be on the registry in all likelihood. Ever notice the ones that protest the loudest are usually guilty of what they’re so vociferously renouncing?

That Donald Trump has put another conservative on the Supreme Court does not bode well for the challenges that are no doubt headed to the S.C.O.T.U.S. There’s so much riding on the ruling Judge Matsch issued regarding the Colorado S.O.R. being unconstitutional on the grounds that it violates the 8th Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment by subjecting registrants to violent vigilantism at the hands of the public.

Doe v. Smith is not even germane case law any longer. The registry of today includes a laundry list of affirmative disabilities that the registry in Doe v. Smith never included. It’s amazing how judges can cherry pick what they base their rulings on. They accept the myth and dismiss the facts. It seems facts are irrelevant when it comes to sex offenders.

I think we need to accept that the state and federal governments are going to do what they want when they want and there’s nothing we can do to stop it cold. If judges can selectively ignore evidence that goes against the popular sentiment, why even have the pretense of a court or fair, impartial consideration of the facts??