Reply To: 7th Circuit ruling will force registered sex offenders from homes


Larry, now your getting to some of the heart of the matter in all this. or should we say police are getting to their logical part of the matter. Larry it does seem that people want to justify themselves, in other words people don’t want to be wrong, it lowers there self-esteem. Did Einstein always want to be right? Well he was wrong several times. Sure if I was caught in the act I would be caught in the act of stealing. Now we all are talking about sex registry situation. Yes monthers are against their child getting molested.

What that child does is up to their mentality. It seems law enforcment want to excute wrath but at the same time they show no mercy. You talked about a “raational basis test”. I sort of doubt if that test has any logic to it. Sure I can give you a reason as are we all not carnal but courts want to make waves. I’m sure we can all understand safety but can we understand each persons thought or intent or does someone have to provide the opportunity or flip a coin to see who takes that person to jail for driving over the speed limit. I would say rationally two wrongs don’t make a right when government is above the right if that makes it rational.