Reply To: WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts


Sandy Rozek

Looks like we may need to do with partisan political discussions what we did with religious discussions. Neither party is innocent in the evolution of laws dealing with those on sexual offense registries. It started with the Jacob Wetterling act, introduced in 1993 by a Republican congressman and enacted by the 103rd Congress where both houses were under Democratic control.
In 1995 Megan’s Law was introduced by by a Republican senator and signed into law by Democratic president Clinton in 1996.
The AWA was a total Republican deal, introduced in 2005 by a R. congressman and signed in 2006 by Bush.
And then came the IML, pushed by Republican Chris Smith for several years before it caught on in 2015. It was signed by Obama in early 2016 on his way out of office. Had he vetoed it, he would have been crushingly overridden as the Republicans had control of both Houses. He was enough of a politician that he didn’t want part of his parting legacy to be his refusal to sign a bill that everyone believed would protect children around the world.
The bottom line is that, regardless of how we got them, we have the laws we have, and our job is to figure out the best way to combat them and achieve some equity for those with previous sexual offenses, and, with any luck, put some people in office who might be inclined to help with that.