Reply To: WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts


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I watched the news segment about those pardonings.The news man Mark Winne as an investigative reporter should do a balanced story not just one sided, yes I know that does not happen , but it should. He didn’t give a true report stating that it is these individuals right to seek to be taken off the Registry. Registered citizens should not pay for things they did in the past for the rest of their lives, like any other crime, you do your time then move forward to get your life back, but you can’t when TV news facilitates in every way to condem RC’s every chance they get. Why was this story aired to begin with? So that the fear mongering starts all over again! I was sad for the woman that was part of the story, however she is finally getting her life on track, at three years of age not many people can remember what happened to them, but her life choices were hers to make as she grew up. I am happy she has found God , however by doing that she should have also found forgiveness.
Repeat offenses by RC’s are very few across this country , not so among other crimes out there, however this was not stated in the news story either.
Richard E, exactly
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