Reply To: WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts

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Politicians are crooked no matter WHAT party they’re a member of. There is one party in this country: The USA Corporate Party with sub-party A: Republicans, and sub-party B: Democrats. They work together on many groups and committees. They also vote each other pay-raises. They get donations from the same international business interests and billionaires. So, thinking there’s a difference between the two parties is a non-starter. Neither are our friends. No matter the letter happens to be after their name.

Also, not everyone who receives food stamps is ‘lazy’. It’s insulting that you would insinuate that. A lot of people who are forced to collect food stamps and assistance are either disabled or are the working poor. Wal-Mart, for instance, doesn’t pay their workers enough to put food on their tables while those workers are struggling to pay ridiculously high property taxes/rent and utilities which keep rising in cost.

I’m a disabled man and I have to live on $750 a month in disability. I am forced to live with family because that isn’t enough to be able to support myself on my own. It’s not even a month’s rent. I owned my own business for 20+ years until a stroke took me out. It was unexpected and no fault of my own. I had set up a bit of a nest egg, but that got sucked dry by medical costs and I was forced to seek help. I worked hard for years even before I established my business. I also put myself through college to get a degree in the business I set up. So, I’m not lazy and I collect a whopping $15 a month in food stamps thanks to Republicans AND Democrats cutting up benefits.

Also, if they want to cut up welfare, how about corporate welfare which is in the multi-billions every year? Money is handed to big banks and corporations who have outsourced labor which steals jobs away from hard working, capable Americans. How about our politicians stop rewarding them for putting the country in poverty? Right now, where I live, unemployment is nearly 50%. The low numbers that the govt reports are ONLY the people collecting unemployment benefits which run out after a short amount of time and they are no longer counted.

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with what you said. People on assistance programs are NOT lazy. A lot of them, including myself, have no other choice. If you want to keep people from being ‘lazy’ as you say, how about getting the Republicans and Democrats to bring the jobs back to this country? That will be a great start to making America ‘great again’.