Reply To: WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts


What I would like to know is why with all the scammers and ill intended attorney’s out there to make a buck and not stand for sex offenders’ rights, why does NARSOL not have a section on their website to direct people to teams of “Trusted” Attorneys in every U.S. state and possession that actually has been vetted by NARSOL and will demonstrate actual empathy and concern and proper representation to our community, rights and needs. I can not believe that a place advocating for reforming sex offenses laws does not have bodies of attorneys in each local as points of contacts for nearly a million registered sex offenders.

Dont get me wrong, I do get people need to make a living, just like the crooked public education system, health system, judicial/prison system, etc (all set up to benefit the rich and powerful or influential. But just because it is so, does not mean that there is no large group of people at all (NARSOL excluded) that can not do or is willing and capable of doing the right thing per our still existent US and States’ Constitutions. There are people all over the Country still waiting for relief, but specially in places like NC, Michigan, PA that are still on the damn registry when they should have been granted relief per the damn law. The very laws that send people to jail for not complying as immediate as they pass them. Am I wrong here? Mistaken? Not being fair?