Reply To: WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts

Jay Raskin

Vast numbers of people are being convicted of sex crimes based not on evidence but on accusations. We don’t know how many innocent people each year, a thousand people, ten thousand, or fifty thousand are being convicted and sent to prison. Backed by billions of dollars in government and private donations, pseudo-feminist groups over the last 30 years have created and passed laws that make it almost impossible for a falsely accused person to escape a conviction. Thousands of innocent people are being forced to prove their innocence, something almost impossible to do given the nature of the accusations and the new laws in place designed to protect women and children by preventing real police investigations.
Our justice system is deeply broken and under the guise of protecting women and children a holocaust is taking place against men and women systematically deprived of fundamental human rights.
The mass media is especially responsible for this holocaust by its totally one-sided pro legal violence attitude. The people found guilty are most often the real victims in these crimes by the state and legal system.