Reply To: WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts


Why shouldn’t sex offenders have the same opportunity has anyone else to be pardoned? I am so sick and tired of the reasons why they are treated less than human and undeserving of any kindness or forgiveness. Some of their crimes are so pretty that it is ludicrous they are even sex offenders at all, not to mention the children who are also on that ridiculous unconstitutional registry. We say victims of sexual predators and their fear and never healing. I say, not always the case. I my self, was sexually abused my father. I not only forgive him but miss him. He has been dead many years and I was never able to tell him I love him and forgive him. I am now 62 years old, and although the road to healing was long, I chose to be okay and not a victim. Some things have to be let go or you end up forever punishing your self and live with fear and hate. I say No, I will not! To forever punish someone is ridiculous!