Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


I am happy to hear that you are not slinging mud and that you are superior in intelligence.
If you feel that ACLU should be posting all their filed cases on their website, you will need take that up with them. NARSOL already has plans in the making to do that on our foundation’s website, but at the moment we are kind of busy with advocacy, lobbying, legal challenges, outreach and answering questions.
I would like to remind you that ACLU is a volunteer organization, much like NARSOL. For whatever reason, they decided to allocate a certain amount of their funds to fighting the sex offender registry laws in Michigan, and they actually achieved a very significant victory. Do you know how many of our state affiliates wish ACLU would get involved in our cause? Pretty much all of them do. As far as I know, Michigan ACLU is the only one that has had the courage to do so. I hope next time you speak of them, it will be to express appreciation instead of disdain for not consulting you and including your language before filing their lawsuit.
I have no doubt that your disabilities are very real and I am sorry for your difficulties. Unfortunately there are 1000s of disabled people on the registry who are hoping for relief just like you. We are aware of them, ACLU is aware of them. Adding such language in this particular case that has already been won is not going to accomplish anything. That would be a challenge on a different set of grounds, this challenge was on Ex Post Facto.
Finally if you would like to get involved why don’t you fill out our volunteer application and request to be involved with our state affiliate who is working with ACLU?