Reply To: NARSOL streamlines original lawsuit; NCRSOL files new lawsuit


i just wanted to say thank you to Narsol/ the attorney’s/ who have chosen to fight for the thousands to are on the registries around the country, because you can see in every state the machinery in place to continue to manufacture laws to restrict and restrict all of us, but thanks are appreciated for those who fight this fight
on our behalf. we have to stay in the fight but locally we need to call out the legislature members on their stand with the needs of a whole state the amount of time they spend to concentrate on more Laws regarding
offenders we should be madder to speakup to their use of us for their election and re-election ehetoric, and every tv news reporter who seems to need to reenforce the word “Convicted ” offender everytime in their report or to Capitalize the word Sex-offender to them the subject of the report can be about anything else but
the referance becomes about one of them offenders .remember the Congressmen who were caught paying off harassment settlements with taxpayer dollars that should be prosecuted for the harassment and theft of tax payer dollars but they let them retire ( what the HEll ) but that story got dropped quick enough. we all have a voice and justice in america has a double standard ( i dont care what they try to say