Reply To: Sex offender registries: A legacy of fear


How many besides myself are sick of reading the same old crap post after post. Reality is the registry is never going to go away. Laws are going to get more strict and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Repeat: NOTHING! The Supreme Court agrees that sex offenders are scum and should never be free and that’s the way it’s going to stay. I hate sounding like Debbie downer but I see no signs the laws are ever going to change. Control,control,control, that’s what they want and that’s what they have. I’ve been following Narsol for years and donate when I can because I still want to try to hold on to some type of hope. Without hope I see no sense to go on living. My life has sucked since the age of 9 being sexually abused by a neighbor friend whom was 47. This went on for 6 years of my young life. I’m on ssd due to PTSD. I’M 59 yrs old now. My daughter was molested when she was about the same age by my own uncle for years of her life. Imagine how i felt after finding this out. 3 yrs after finding that out i found out he took pictures of him abusing her and posted those pictures to the internet. Caught up in the mental torment of our abuse and yrs of pts due to extreme sexual abuse I couldn’t take the thoughts of my daughter being put on the internet. I had to protect her and went looking for those pictures to destroy them. Not in my right mind, I believed I could find and delete them. Needless to say I was caught with child pornography on my computer. I never denied that. However through my search I did find myself on there with the guy that molested me. Somehow he manage to sell or gave away the films and pictures he took of our encounters. Even being that they were taken in the 70s they still managed to make it on the internet this many years later. I have never been in trouble with the law in any other way. I did my 3 years probation, 3 years sex offender classes, lost my wife of 30 years to cancer while being kicked out of my house because my grandsons and teenage son lived at home. After my wife died my 15 yr old son was left at home to take care of himself and go to school on his own. The lawyer I had never used my ptsd as a defense. Which is the number 1 defense used to prove insanity or temporarily insanity. Which I have documented proof of since 1998. Life has sucked as you can see and this is what it is. I’m stuck living the rest of my life as a sex offender when i offended against nobody but was the one who was raped and tortured for 6 long years. No end in sight for me unless i chose to end it. Yet im the one paying for the crimes against me and my daughter. No justice. Just these laws that will only get harder to live with.
Im calling it quits in 1 more yr if nothing has changed. Life on the registry isnt worth it to me. This isnt a life,its torture and i had enough of that as a child. For them to say this isn’t more punishment, I say B/S to them. They can all kiss my back side, I’m not playing your games any longer. I’ve nothing to look forward to, I wake up miserable and I go to bed miserable. 20 more yrs of this crap? No way in hell.