Reply To: How many kids are on the sex offender registry?


“The Department of Justice estimates that there are at least 89,000 children on the sex offender registry”
But that doesn’t included the PAST amount of children placed on the sex offender registry, that are now adults.

Its difficult, if not impossible, to know the full amount of such. But since the registry has been made available to the public 22 years ago when Bill Clinton signed Megan’s law, and all the minors placed on it since, It is “MY OPINION ONLY” that the registry holds somewhere in the amount of 200,000 people that are: (1) Children (89,000 Currently on it) and: (2) Adult registrants..that were minors when they were placed on the registry. This should be stressed repeatedly.

According to President Clinton, Megan’s law was a move he called “Circling the wagons around our children.” We all know that its destroying our children in many ways. The Most recent amount posted of those on the registry is 900,202

I thank NARSOL for their dedication, fundamental mission and goals.

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