Reply To: Sex offender registries: A legacy of fear


Their is nothing to fear but fear itself as one President said and yes this sex offender can be a nightmare if one lets it and I’m trying not to let it but the stigma grows it seems on a person expecally caught up this way as some are. Protecting and servicing I have no problem with that but a lot of this internet stuff is scary. Even the girl and boyfriend hands off is scary as one doesn’t know who’s gonna say I’ve had enough and first thing you know your in front of the judge. So if its a no touching women kids or anything like that than courts wanting to control one’s life with this sex thing that some induce with this opportunity or one is either getting to physical on the dance floor of life. The thing is to combat it. Cool your jets.

I know we all get upset over all this but its not worth it as a lot of it will be over soon. Correcting evil is good but who’s giving to start with. We all have principals.