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Hello this is your neighborhood scammer calling reminding you that you are in violation to pay court cost from the potty mouth you had in addressing this internet sex sting operation. We are reminding you, as well as others that you for your convience you can can now send a payment of fifty dollars to us and we I will intervene on your behalf to the court system that you have made restitution about your pending violation so you court appearence to the charges can be reduced. Sounds like a scam to me. Scamming can also involve blackmail also as the one gal I was seeing and she knew my story and tryed to use my situation for her benefit. Who wants to be controlled like that. Belng controlled is bad enough in this whole sex ordeal. And we are not talking temporart we are talking lifetime in some cases.

One has to wonder what a scam is and also what a scheme is and yes there is a difference. I’m just glad that police are trying to right their wrong. All this was wrong to start with and considering all this sex plight and selfishness or others, police should of thought of that angle in the first place. Almost tells me authorities are above authorities or are they the ” untouchables” of this sex ploy scheme. The whole physical aspects of the sex ordeal are bad enough withought fraduntly duping one up with this opportunity via the internet. I wonder who sleeps at night when no physical violence is done. Who’s behavior is in jeopordy. The actor or the one that falls into this to defend themselves as best they can. If police and scammers are always right than they don’t understand their ways are so demoralizing.