Reply To: Sex offenders need not apply


When I started my job 15 years ago; they would ask if you had a felony yes or no and what was the felony. The felony did not matter back then; we work at a warehouse(they aren’t that particular). Hower, about 10 years ago they changed the policy. All felony applicants are allowed to be hired; except for sex offenders now(This company is only 2nd to the state of Michigan in number of employees).

However, give kudos to this big company. I didn’t know it was going on… but apparently I was targeted by 3 people in the last 6 years because of my past and all 3 of them were fired.

I remember(12 years ago) one time when I was involved in Business Networking International(BNI) and some how a commercial realtor found out about me in the group and was passing info around from the Michigan State Police site. Luckily for me; the members did not like this guy because he was a bully to them…and they called the state police on him(this is before they changed the law). They came and arrested him… while the meeting was still going on…boy did he have a look of shock on his face.