Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


Okay, let me just chime in here…

Savings Clauses are a worthless argument in Court, they always have been, they always will be.

The point is (Without all the legal mumbo jumbo)

SORNA does not apply to anyone convicted pre- December 20, 2012.

Megan’s Law III does not apply to ANYONE (it EXPIRED on December 20, 2012)

Megan’s Law II does not apply to ANYONE as it was deemed unconstitutional as well as expiring when Megan’s Law III took over.

Megan’s Law I does not apply to anyone as it was deemed unconstitutional as well as expiring when Megan’s Law II took over.

Act 10 does not apply to anyone because it is an ex-post facto violation (Making a new law for crimes and making them effective for years past, in essence, you must be sentenced to the laws in effect at the time the crime was COMMITTED (not sentenced).

Sexually Violent Predator status in Pennsylvania is DEAD to anyone convicted or found to be an SVP before December 20, 2012. I beat my SVP status in a one-page demand letter to the court, they agreed, the DA didn’t even file opposition.

I have not been back to this board in months since I was released from prison, because, in reality, I laugh at the PSP, they have already (for some reason) come to my apartment twice and knocked on the front door. I open it and say “What”. They say “Oh we are just checking to confirm addresses”. I say “Fuck off assholes” and slam the door shut.

It has happened twice in 5 months. I called the PSP to complain and they tell me the mayor of Harrisburg has PSP going through all reg offenders in the city a few times a year.

There is nothing they can do to me, there is nothing they can say to me.

I have talked to all my neighbors, I am the only white guy in the neighborhood (They all know me and of my sex crime now) and all of them stop by when I am sitting on the porch and talk to me as a friend and neighbor.

I even played a game of softball with all the neighborhood kids (age 5-15) the other day with the entire neighborhood, drank beers with all the dads, ate chicken and potato salad with the moms (All Church Loving…)

I don’t run from it, I bring it up in the first conversation, I wear it like a badge of pride, I don’t hide it, I take the power of the Megan’s Law Registry away from it.

“Yes, I was convicted and sentenced to prison for 8 years for a sex offense for my ex-wife when she was 15 and I was 21 and we had sex, and we were also then married for 14 1/2 years and had 3 kids. Yea, I did it, and yea, I went to prison for it and yea I’m on the registry for life, but, you know what, if I hadn’t have done that, my 3 kids wouldn’t be here today, and I love my kids and they love me so it was worth it”
is usually enough to shut anyone’s mouth very quickly.

The conversation only came up once, an old old black lady just said: “Well the lord tells me not to judge and love others so that’s what I do”.

One of these days I will sit down, spend the 2 months researching and typing it up and will finally file in Commonwealth Court (They are right down the street from me)