Reply To: NARSOL streamlines original lawsuit; NCRSOL files new lawsuit


All of this seems a bit complex to this simple of rights one wants to seek. I have to appreciate the lawyer for Narsol that is fightening this and I also have to appreciate the opportunity that was given. Right their is one of the key words “opportunity”. Now seeking justice seems one sided but the point is who’s justice are we talking about. Sure the plainiff’s have go the right to speak up. The lawyer is just there to make sure things are fair and truth and honor prevale, course its him against the district Attorney. Court can either turn out to be the battle of the wits or the battle of a cat fight. Plea bargains or deals we dont’ even want to go there as that is a bit satanic.

Sure Robin’s post is a good update and the opportunity is there to try and rectify the matter as some of these sex offender issues are wrong. Even the whole opportunity is wrong in some of these ordeals. I don’t like to say sex offender or call anyone that. Being caught up in a sex entanglement or ordeal isn’t too bad but an “offender” could be anyone and it doesn’t even have to involve sex. Wasn’t the series “Three’s Company” sort of like ever mans dream fantasy. Come on lets get real on all this.

I hope everybody learned something from the to catch a predator show on NBC a while back, of how they set those up and than bust them. Sort of tacky and devilish. Is that our justice system today? Now the young girl thats underage and the guy thats over age. well rules are rules and she should be just as guilty as him if one wants to play true justice. Being taken advantage of, well anyone could take advantage of you even in court decisions if you don’t use some principals. I know you all talk about don’t use religon, and lets certainly not use human ethics but how about moral principals in court. Sure some of these sex cases are difficult because they don’t want to use the guidelines written in forgive me for saying this “the bible” So were are the Ten Commandments today. When man wants to justify man’s action they need to look in the mirror first and get the beam out of their own eye.