Reply To: NARSOL streamlines original lawsuit; NCRSOL files new lawsuit


This is great 3 lawsuits is better than one. I’m so tired of young girls being able to lie and tell there older and then the young guy gets put on some immoral unethical list. Given a title they do not deserve! Humiliation,fear,labeled as something there not makes me sick to my stomach! And of course I like most only thought child predators was the people who was enlisted on the List Titled Sex Offender but, now with the realization that most people on this list is a male that was under age 21 (legal age to consume alcohol) that had dated or been manipulated by a young girl age 14-18 and in a lot of cases these girls lied about there age. But, in the laws eyes this has no bearing on the case. I’m a girl and I know that me and every girl from age 14 up had raging hormones and always wanted to date older guys. Well if you look back how many of our parents and grandparents entered marriage and gave birth at these ages. We are destroying our youth with such a thing as a Sex Registry! How many young boys 21 and under life has been ruined by this Title (Sex Offender) ? Why as a society would we want to destroy there lives. I know why because people are ignorant to what this Sex Registry really consist of this list does nothing to help anyone you can’t stop a drug deal or a murder or a larceny by putting these people on a list just the same as you can’t stop a sex crime by putting someone on a list. It’s like making a grocery list you just know what you want to get when you go to store.