Reply To: NARSOL streamlines original lawsuit; NCRSOL files new lawsuit

Tim Lawver


Being a member of a party is not a crime thereby registration has no legitimate safety value. Registering offenders does, at least in theory. Registration forms however indeed act as an agent demanding information. Whether the information demanded IS reasonably related to the goal is very much in doubt. As example: An Amazon gift card is a form of internet identifier. It’s use may technically trigger notification onus upon the registrant and includes an element of interstate commerce.

Judge Biggs in this case seems troubled as to the exact nature of the complaint. What is it that concretely describes the liberty deprivation experienced? Accuratelycomuccinctly couching the problem proves difficult given the apparent, “at liberty offender” is not under direct scrutiny by actual live state agents. Registrants are free to come and go as they please as long as they report. They are also free to move without reporting but risk felony for doing so. For my money, the most apt framing revolves around the following:

SOR REGISTRATION is more accurately indentured servitude to state’s machine. Agents update the machine daily by whatever means necessary. In their minds eye, resistance is futile you must comply. By God with IML, we’ve got gov’t protecting -via notice – foreign nationals. Hmmm to what effect?

Lastly at no point and time did my state post the actual “notice of conviction” on line. If that were their actual intent? Instead they created an entire internet domain. Slander will be proven. Unfortunately, information on databases are vulnerable to exploitation, as if they did not create the market. Congress didn’t pass ethics rules against insider trading among their own for nothing. Now as then the data use is for sale with FBIs database now unveiled for facial recognition. I know that is why they drug me in 2011, to get me in front of the kiosk they force one to use. The surveillance saints benefit from unfettered use of the database. Computers and databases have made efficiencies yet the size of gov’t grows exponentially as with our debt. One can form their own opinion about NSAs facilities in Saratoga, where Project Angel Watch is housed. BTW did you catch the story on MSN about Orin Hatch letting the cat out of the bag. Is it fake news?

Why do the people spend so much time protecting innocents calling wolf whe