Reply To: NARSOL streamlines original lawsuit; NCRSOL files new lawsuit


R Bishop

I’m not sure I see much in the way of good news in this article. If I am reading this correctly the original case was killed… right? From that case two or three cases have been filed, starting the average of two to three years of battles with nonsense like requests from the state to dismiss due to the plaintiffs misspelled a word (forgive the sarcasm). I don’t mean to imply the plaintiffs are unable to spell only that the State seems to want to fight dirty to win. What ever happened to the idea that the State are servants of the governed, and are there to protect our rights? Has the original case survived and just been forced to reword and been stretched out even longer?

I have mixed feeling about forcing the government spend even more tax dollars on cases like these. In my opinion this is a pretty simple case. Does the states have the right to create laws that violate the US Constitutionally protected rights of it’s citizens? Simple answer is No. Case over. It is not a complicated subject.

Hey NARSOL, you people have taken up a fight that is unpopular and likely been the cause of more than a few bad days. I have seen less brave men in the US Army and most of them are made of some very strong material. Just in case you haven’t heard it today, Thank you for taking up this fight, you are appreciated.