Reply To: NARSOL streamlines original lawsuit; NCRSOL files new lawsuit


Concerned citizen

Even the term sex offender is preposterous. It’s designed to humiliate and shame. The rest of the world laughs at America with their laws that regulate certain types of sexual relations as crimes. Serious crimes need to be addressed but we have now added public urination, throwing young men in jail for relations with 17 year olds that have lied about their age, etc. In Europe age of consent is 15-16. I know NARSOL does not advocate or lobby for the changing of the age of consent but seriously you can be tried as an adult for murder at 16, 15, 14 but you can’t consent to sex? Ridiculous.

We are still the Puritan nation of the pilgrims. Why not focus our resources on rehabilitation, and restorative justice? Stop the witch hunt.

I-am a concerned female citizen in a loving relationship with someone who has been crushed by these laws and this list because someone used the press and lied but was never held accountable for their acts.