Reply To: Thomas Jefferson: America’s most esteemed child predator


Good point Robin, Thomas Jefferson was a great man, and so are so many other men on this list. This is a really good example that we have taken the laws in the wrong direction. Sexual encounters is not always abuse. Yes in some cases it is, but what our laws do now is makes them all abuse. What I mean by this is the laws make it sound like abuse, of a female by an older male. All because of the age difference that someone said is not normal. Thomas Jefferson was a good man, he took in this young girl and gave her an exceptional home. I have seen it! Yes he fathered her children, but this was also common for white man to have sex with their slaves. What was not common was for a colored man to have sex with a white women. That was were these Statutory rape laws were used on the black man at any age. It is to bad we don’t know more about this situation because of how long ago it happened. That was a different time period. The thing is we don’t know if it was love making or abuse. This is the problem today, so many of the cases are not abuse. It is just sexually active teenagers and adults doing what we all did for centuries. The problem is the action is viewed as a crime due to age factor and not what has really occurred.