Reply To: Thomas Jefferson: America’s most esteemed child predator

patricia winchild

Often the way things change produces excess. That appears to be true more in the U.S. because it looks like too many Americans can’t hold more than two ideas in their brain at the same time. So, it’s either this or that, either true or false. This produces all manner of social and legal disasters.

Robin, it sounds like you are unhappy about the MeToo-ers women (mostly) and the use and abuse of the idea of “victim”. I believe that whites have long been confused and in denial about what black people in this country have gone through. Not knowing has been a very popular and widespread habit here. Developing empathy for people different from ourselves, even in the most superficial ways, i.e. gender, race, sexual identity, economic status, appears to be something too many Americans are slow to care about, slow to grasp. Some have been able to acknowledge at least an understanding of why some members of a particular group have gone to excess (in their opinion) in order to secure change. The black liberation movement was led by men (in spite of the fact that women probably did most of the work behind the scenes). You never heard that movement trivialized as “Black Lib” the way women who fought for change have been, mostly by reactionary, closed-minded Americans.

I’m not fond of the expression “if you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs” but I still think it’s true. There have been excesses in the the women’s movement and one of it’s progenies “MeToo” . (Al Franken looks like a casualty to me). Ronan Farrow has been a rational voice in a time that needs more. Social change movements, imperfect as they may be, all helped make our country better than it was. And, all met with resistance, at least initially and some are more popular than others.

Traditionally, groups with greater power tend to be less open-minded about those with less, with those who are fighting for change, so those more empowered folks often go on the defensive with an arrogant and angry attitude. People don’t want (or choose) to be victims, including those in our group.As far as I’m concerned, many, if not most of us, have been and are victims of extremely unfair mass social ignorance and abuse of the law. Sex is undoubtedly, one of the less simplistic but most emotional ideas/behaviors. Sex (& how it’s practiced) has always been used as an entitlement of those with power. That power can be money, religion or both. This has been challenged. Expect indignity and defensiveness. Expect rage, especially from those who abuse power and care less about what is fair.

It helps to recognize that Jefferson was no saint. But it also is good to accept that those with a weaker voice who finally speak out are not wrong to do so. Narsol and those who care about justice are part of this war to make America FAIR again.