Reply To: Thomas Jefferson: America’s most esteemed child predator

patricia winchild

The bibles’ been used forever to justify men’s abuse of women, parent’s abuse of their children and all kinds of bad behavior.

Thank you Sandy Rozak for your very good points. Thanks to Judith Levine for your excellent reminders. Tyrus, what you say is too true but unfortunately, too many Americans are black and white thinkers, esp. about sex, it appears. They don’t care about grey. And thank you Robin very much for a valuable and timely history lesson. I hope it gets picked up and reprinted for more of our citizens to contemplate.

To those who ask when will the madness end, I say don’t waste your time envisioning it will happen under this horror of a “‘president”. It’s incredible to me that anyone ever thought this guy ever cared about the laws (except how they could be twisted to use for his personal crimes). The Republican Party that had any integrity has been destroyed. We have the most backward criminal, self-centered character in history running our country. “Happy” July 4th.