Reply To: Thomas Jefferson: America’s most esteemed child predator


Doesn’t the American public just love govermental cover-ups, and a part of that is making sure “We” keep a handle on what information ” we” release to the general public. Well according to the general public Virginia has since taken some off the registry in a Band-Aid attempt to combat the scams so many can’t get smeared into with this sex offender infomation posting. I guess its like a get rich scheme for some. The information doesn’t tell one that its was an undercover operation or whatever. Talk about the spy who loved me. Where are common values today, on some computer for the geek squads or sin squads or those officers protecting and serving in the wrong way. (don’t get offended by that remark)

While I’m not sure of juvenile custody I just wonder who was posing as a juvenle in this whole encounter that some go thru by these ordained servants to protect the public. The computer is a seperate entity from the public. While the interent is a good source of information today it is a bit damaging when police officers present opportunities such as this. I just wonder who is leaning on their own understanding in all this hype. Abuse is abuse in any form and law’s are there for public awareness. Caught in the act or not we all should have our day in a court of law

Robin’s article brought up slaves, we could go back and talk about concubines if thats the case or kings falling. And maestro there”s a reason for all season’s look that up on your yahoo. Since you were in Numbers I hope you read the one about the donkey. I thought you and Sandy said we couldn’t use religon or does our own understanding “Trump” us up. I would say ask for true understanding but that would be going a bit to far on here, and yes I still believe in due process that needs to be given to everyone.. this plea bargain is watered down justice or is the “We” in the declaration watered down today for government justification means. Talk about power corrupting.

Boundaries sure we all have them but than again its all about principals that make the difference. We ‘ve all have heard stories about Thomas Jefferson and this Sally Hemings slave down thru the ages. My dad told me once if you can’t say anything good about anyone don’t say it, but in certain circles we all should not judge. i’m sure all presidents have something in their conscience to hide. Robin brings up something to remind us about this fourth of July and also about one’s Independence or dependence.