Reply To: Thomas Jefferson: America’s most esteemed child predator

Tyrus Young

The article is well written and makes several good points. Going a step further, terminology is being misapplied to the majority of those who made a mistake in judgement. Recidivism rates bear out my point.

I made a mistake and am on the registry. My victim was past the age of consent (but less than 18). I was convicted a sexual offense. However, when one refers to me as a sexual offender, it implies an on-going status. My mistake was 20 years ago and there have been no repeats since then. 20 years ago I did some part time security guard work, but haven’t done so since… wouldn’t it be inaccurate to state I am a security guard?

If someone was arrested for drunk driving and thereafter quit drinking totally. Twenty years later do we label them a drunk driver? No, we say he had a DUI offense 20 years ago.

If we can’t be labelled properly it will forever be difficult to change our treatment.