Reply To: Want to get involved? Advocate for registry reform!

Sandy Rozek
Sandy Rozek

You are certainly forgiven. We welcome questions and concerns, and you have asked some legitimate ones.

I’ll start at the end. You will have noticed that the question about criminal history is not marked with an asterisk and is accompanied by a statement that a criminal history is not a disqualifier. Many of our volunteers are registrants.

As for it and for all the others, the answer is essentially the same. The application is the only insight that we have into any person who is first volunteering for involvement with NARSOL. The totality of the information leads us to find the best fit for the person within the range of what he or she wants to do. We refer back to it when a person is being considered for a more responsible position.

We have one volunteer who is virtually indispensable to us. He has a serious hearing impairment, and knowing that allows us to accommodate that situation in his duties and assignments. One’s educational level and previous and current employment are helpful in consideration for some of the positions. It is not uncommon for applicants to check an interest in most of the positions. We want to provide the fullest opportunity possible for a fulfilling volunteer experience. We would not want to place a person in a position where he has no interaction with our supporters or the public if he has experience in public relations and a degree in journalism.

Again, thank you. Feel free to ask questions about NARSOL. We will always answer serious questions to the best of our ability.