Reply To: Want to get involved? Advocate for registry reform!


Jo Doe

Found about this organization thru referral.
Please forgive me for my ignorance and straight forward comments and questions. I find it very discouraging that NARSOL’s section to obtain volunteer information and “”sign-up” to volunteer in the cause for Sexual Laws Reform has a striking albeit, eerie similarities to work application nationwide. This discourages people, in my opinion, from getting involved. Too many question, which most people as you may already know, do not want to be answering yet again on yet another “application”. Emails should not be with an asterisk to fill at all (I get that instructions are provided if one does not have one).

Emergency contact? (Are people applying for insurance of some sort?)

“List any health or physical conditions we should know about. *” Why? Isn’t that too personal? What purpose does it serve?

Education, Certifications & Work Experience I could understand if…getting or requesting a salary in exchange of work which, would not be volunteering would it?

Employment status & details… Why? What purpose does it serves for someone to volunteer or to be able to? Is NARSOL after an “educated with degrees” group of volunteers? (which somehow makes them better at volunteering than non-educated or degreed folks)

References…Some people don’t have or choose not to have “friends” or find themselves without friends or family because they have distanced themselves from them.

Criminal History (honestly this was the most upsetting question to me) …other than NARSOL’s asking directly to protect the organization non-profit status if a person is currently and knowingly (keyword: knowingly) a fugitive or evading law enforcement, I do not see why a Criminal History details are being asked or necessary. Most are here for a…well, sexual offense conviction or someone that did.

Again I ask forgiveness for my ignorance, but believe these are valid comments and questions.
Thank you in advance for any logical response though I expect no reply due to the sheer volume of articles and comments on this site.