Reply To: Thomas Jefferson: America’s most esteemed child predator

Michael H. – Indiana Voices

Interesting look at history through a modern lens. Jefferson was a great man. But as with all of us, there is a secret space that we wish we could avoid dealing with… Do any of us want to be judged by our darkest moments… I doubt it. I’ve heard it said that the only real measure of a man is the good or evil that is within him/her. Was Jefferson really trying o be evil? I am sure he knew that word of his relationship with Sally would not be taken positively in that day and age. And he could surely never have married her at that time in history. And it was not unusual for an older man to take a younger wife in those days. In fact, if you weren’t married by the time you were in your early 20’s you were considered an old maid.

While not justifying immoral behavior we must recognize that sometimes what we consider truth is only based on our societal morays of the day. Sometimes we “protect” our children to their own detriment by considering them incapable of functioning until they are mid 20’s or older.

When we go to judge Jefferson or any other person we should first look deep inside in ourselves and see if somewhere lurking deep within our innermost, most secret thoughts is one that given the right circumstances might not put us in the position of acting just like the person we have chosen to shun or abhor.

Let us rather accept the fact that we each are human, help one another to heal and create as Jefferson did a country in which that is possible.

May God Bless America and the People in it as they righteously choose how they exercise the freedoms he so richly gave.

Happy 4th, good work Robin.