Reply To: Thomas Jefferson: America’s most esteemed child predator


In this generation we are groomed to be appalled and astounded at every moral measure of turpitude. The sin and carnal proclivity of every man, gladly shunned and shifted to the next, as if the previous come pure and untarnished of similar sins. We have normalized one segment sexuality and demonized the sister halve as to disdain the deeds of men who cause themselves to be attracted to pubescent puplils creating an instant scheme that innocence belong not to the brethern. What will do we have as men to regulate our own moral compass and yet to mend our minds of temptation. What is deemed as wrong now was not seen as sinful ironically centuries ago. The societal ill is not the act , inappropriateness or gestures, but the causation of how this nation was built and bartered for that of men who own the lives and repurposed servitude of others. The sickeness is more or so the history and heirachial methodologies that were practiced.and even present until this day. The pardorning of Jack Johnson would be a mockery of men for something still doesn’t sit right with many or how the registry ruins lives.