Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


I hear you. The police have talked to her about how rubbing people noses in it is not helpful and how technically she could be cited for minor infractions. It is not worth the hassle. The police Dept is very big in telling the public to leave us alone. I have a life to lead. Besides her seeing me successful just heaps hot coals onto her head.
She use to be a lot more crazy with it until they told her to cool it. Like I said the local police don’t want us causing trouble so they look out for us. Any time someone makes an issue, they are told leave us the f**** alone. Yes they say it just like that. The one SGt says I am too busy chasing these drug dealers to worry about what he did years ago. If you don’t want to talk to them, don’t. If you don’t want them next door, MOVE.
The cost/benefit is simply not there to file a complaint. The only people who come to my house are my close friends who know what happened so she isn’t hurting anything except my ears. Just annoying that’s all. Kind of how you put up with your annoying brother n law because he is your brother n law. Because you love your wife, you love him. Well because I love my brother and don’t want to make waves for him, I put up with her. When my brother first started dating his current GF, she was a bit uncomfortable but my brother said, “ look he is my brother. You can’t trust him then BYE.”
She has since fallen platonically in love with me and doesn’t question me.

Anyway, sometimes you have to grin and bear it.