Reply To: Want to get involved? Advocate for registry reform!


We all have certain qualities and I’m sure we all have days. Yes we can all hang out with this person or that person or get attached to this person of the opposite sex which may or may not be of legal age to consent but there is also that other “gray area” that we all need to explore with this sex offender issue.

I know Mike’s talked about data and we have all talked about recidivism but who controls the human mind. Is it intrinsic views about these acts or are they perverting there own actions? If they were preventing their own actions they wouldn’t of given a crass opportunity such as this. If nature is going to take its course its going to take its course. Is this internet thing a cheap tactic of government, and yes government has done cheap things. See there is a principal involved in all of this. Just like the mexican’s wanting to come to the USA and all the other stuff which is in a bit of kayos today. Is a lot of this sex offender stuff a bit kayotic when most those on the registry are given plea bargains. Sure thats the data one needs. I would say there is more plea deals than actual ordeals that have their due processin a court of law. Where did they get such a plea deal idea when due process some thing of the past and they offer a plan A or a plan B to these things because they know that they are wrong in giving an opportunity such as this.

I wonder about these ordeals. Is one’s conscience being invaded by these public moralist. Common man just doesn’t go around raping others or peeking in windows do they? Regardless of man view one still has morals, but to instill something like this via the internet encounter is so different from the basic “Tammy and the Doctor” dilemna. Sure physical rape is not good. Even those law enforcement that present these opportunities are quilty and its all questionable. Even if one wanted to appeal, that was given a plea deal I wonder how they stand up in this “cabbage patch law” that would even make lady liberty turn her back on America today. Does a person give up his or her rights by this uncanny ordeal that government induces with this plea deal thing.

Someone explain that to me as hearing it from a police agents can tell you anything such as these internet encounters to make one believe or intimidate one. For what its worth have a nice forth of July.