Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued

terry brunson

The king’s Bench appeal is an extraordinary jurisdiction in the Commonwealth that allows a person to go directly to the high court from a final denial order from a lower court. The Commonwealth Court that I was in gave me a good bad final ruling.

granted in part denied in part. That seems good but it is a denial to them not ordering me off the registry. The good part was that they declared that my 1999 Texas conviction cannot be used by the PSP under SORNA-1 but it can under SORNA-1’s amendment (ACT 10)

But the court is not understanding that SORNA-1 of 12-20-12 never was deemed unconstitutional as a whole. only in part making SORNA-1 of 12-20-12 still in effect as law. With an Amendment to it called ACT 10. In order to have ACT 10 as SORNA-2 in amendment – there has to be a SORNA still there to Amend. ACT 10 is SORNA amended.

The way the law should have went is SORNA should have been repealed. A Savings clause voted on to retain retroactive traits of SORNA to go forward without punitive punishment. That not what was done.