Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


I accidentally deleted your post. I am sorry. I meant to click reply and I clicked trash. I am so sorry. Perhaps Fred and fix it.

To answer your question, I am happy because everytime they say something I hear Vinny from My Cousin Vinny stand up and say “Everything that guy just said is BS”. The Courts are starting to get over their fear of sex offenders. It makes smile that they want to make Megan’s Law more restrictive. They are cutting their own throat.
They couldn’t be happy with a picture and a list of crimes. Now, they will lose.
To get the US Supreme Court to vote unanimously in Packingham was HUGE. Especially since Facebook’s “Offical” policy is sex offenders are not welcomed although I hear they have started dragging their feet in enforcing the policy. Even Justice Thomas felt NC went to far. They is saying something.

The total point of the registry is to shame and punish. Period. I have a neighbor who thinks it is her duty to tell every female in Carlisle I am on the registry. It is frustrating but it’s like if it makes you feel better, whatever. It made me so happy when my ex wife first started spending the night st my house and she told the neighbor, “ He already told me, and I love him anyway”

We will prevail it just takes time.