Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued

terry brunson

Has any one heard of a King’s Bench appeal?

It is what I am filling next week to by pass the Pa. superior Court and go right directly to the PASC on ACT 10 from 463 MD 2017.

I have 30 days to fill notice to the Commonwealth Court that I desire to direct appeal their order of granted in part and denied in part. The Commonwealth Court never reviewed my argument on the statutory construction ACT. SORNA was never repealed and ACT 10 is not a re-enactment. SORNA-1 of 12-20-12 is an amendment of SORNA-1

SORNA-1 of 12-20-12 never was deemed unconstitutional as a whole law – only in part that was applied to retroactive application to pre-SORNA-1 people. We are still under SORNA-1 limited to its amendment of 02-22-18 ACT and 06-12-18 ACT 29.