Reply To: How Big Money Stymies S.O. Reform



All things are good but all things are not necessary. I wonder what stymies today? This article is good but I never wanted to stymie anyone. That word is seldom used today. Its more of a scientific term for a geek squad.
Sure money is the issue and believe it or not the sex offender is a money making scheme. I don’t like to think above my means. Sure I like to be rational.No one can prevent human naturee or let alone prent the volcano in Hawii just like one can’t prevent sexual encounters. Even history can tell you that or are well still on this “witch hunt” as everyone talks about on here.
Understand it this way, if computers were never came of age a lot of us wouldn’t be in this mess. Oh yes man would think of some way to “get over” on man. We can look ato this nation how they are treating the sex offender, how they are hindering the passports, immigration, etc in today’s good old USA. Look at computers today seems everybody wants to outdo the other on the computer.
Polygraphs want to outsmart the human psyche, man wants to dominate mankind so is the sex offender really in a class by his or her self? Now someone talked about voting. Sure its our right if we want to vote. Its our right to speak out as Brenda Jones and so many of NARSOL do and others. Sure I respect one with good wisdom but human understand who can understand that. Are we all creating our own monster at times or should we all be the first on the moon… were do they come up with .. we want to be the first. Sorry I didn’t take German in school.