Reply To: NARSOL’s chairman to give testimony against civil commitment, mandatory minimums


I am sure every is against civil commitment and minumun sentencing or mandatory minumuns or are we all stuck in a medicine jar today. So what else does a conceited government do with its poaching of human beings and finding out they got the wrong man.
Sure that has happened quite a few times in some of these ordeals. Its not about scientific studies or data collected its about human’s and true justice. I wonder if we are all naked or blind today. Now remember I’m no better than you people on here. Is shuffling in a crowd and brushing up to someone and accidently pocking one with a with a hand or if one as at a food booth at an event a minimimum sentence today or a maxium or mandatory if one doesn’t say I’m sorry for bumping into you or someone presses charge. Well she made me do it or the crowd was to pushy that i couldn’t squeeze in without touching you. Just think if it was a kid and the person touched that person by accident and not knowing that the one that was pressing to get to the booth was a sex offender. A lot of judges and people in their own self-conceit today.
Should all sex offenders stand out in crowds in public place or is it the stigmatisim that goes along with the judge weilding the gavel. A lot of this sex offender minumin’s and mandatory stuff is up to the individual judge so with what measure do they judge another human beingl ok, in my case its the potty language. Its not the actual threat or the direct question of asking, its more of an assume thing, such as assume the position… basically what position are they wanting one to assume .. the thinker statue in Lives of Dobbie Gillis.
So is human behavior in authorities just as bad or good as in common citizens or should we let police protect our rights their way…. the lawful or unlawful way. I would of said biblical or unbiblical but I get in to much trouble for that on here. Maybe we should all say don’t shoot until you have something physical to work with even DNA could help if it goes in that direction. Data can be undercover tape recordings of someone wanting to cause one to talk naughty…. All things are good but all things are not expident. Talk about principals