Reply To: Sexual offense truths needed in the media


Sexual offense truth. Well with the letters that some got in the mail in Virginia about removal of name and information from the registy for some, this change because available do to scammers alerts. Interesting the law enforcement didn’t think about that first. Government is not gonna lose money. Sure they can round up Scammers thats more income for them and also eat their profits from th many scam’s they dupe via the internet. So its a win, win for those that overthrow others. Basically that is what they were doing overthrowing.
The lady caught in adultry is a message for law enforcement today. Those without sin cast the first stone or should we say with what measure does one measure when they in themselves are doing a fraud to get others to come down to their level. Sure I’m glad some are relieved about their name and address taken down but we are still on the registry. With the papers one signed they signed their rights away as remember they weild the power or does the Chief of the USA hold the sword. I wonder who’s defrauding who today Isn’t use of deception by fraudlent means a crime in itself not to mention principal standards and “honest” protocal.
Their was no Democrat or Republican in Washington’s Days. Read his farewell address about a new nation concived in liberity and based on christian principals. So who entices one to get dirty on a playground today or who can call good bad and bad good..I believe we all should amend some of this and ask for a new deal to this raw deal most of us are in.
Mike you wanted truth, well thats truth.