Reply To: Deadly collateral consequences of the “non-punitive” sex offender registry


Here is some good Mike and it does bring up collateral damage for anyone. At this stage I don’t understand who is coloral damage anymore. I got a letter from the Commenwealth from Virginia today. Do to the recent “Scams” that are going on the commonwealth has made a Admentments to remove names and addresses of sex offenders from the registry list. Can we all say Band Aid and that word seems to come to mind. Effective July 1st.

It says certain crimes involving children, pornography or carnal knowledge of a minor in juvenile custody. It sort of reminds me of the blind leading the blind and giving a soft spot to this collateral damage of a human being. I just wonder when the state or nation is going to start taxing or fining one for how much water runs off a person’s house to cause colleral damage to another house beside another.

Are we our own conscious, or are we all still re- minded of bline Justice these days. Sure I’m thankful for anything myself or others can get but one doesn’t start something they can’t fix when they are playing with human lives in so many of these fake or fictitous encounters. Anyone can make adjustments to a car or the human psysique but a canker tends to bleed one it is hard to remive. Should we all go ask Dr. Ruth or ask NARSOL and other organizations involved with this with change to keep on fighting for true justice.